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Benefits of Joining The Easiest
On-Line Affiliate Program

Joining the Domain Plates Performance Partner Program Gives You:
  • the opportunity to market and profit from the classiest, personalized promotional product on the Internet!

  • if you are an organization within the ISP, marketing, advertising or domain registration industries that sends out a regular newsletter or e mail communications to your opt in subscribers or members of 50,000 or more, ask us about branding the plates for your company.

  • the opportunity for checking your sales and stats for all of your Domain Plates promotions 24/7 through our new tracking partner - with life-time cookies.

  • the opportunity of either our One Tier program, where you do the marketing for your direct sales and earn 25%, or our Two Tier program where you have people sign up from your link and you earn 20% on your sales and 5% on theirs. The choice is yours.

  • the opportunity to have personalized service and help for your customers by both phone and email on each and every order.

  • the opportunity to develop a database of ordering customers by receiving in BCC: the order confirmation with the name, address and email of everyone you refer to Domain Plates who places an order from your links.

  • the opportunity to receive the latest marketing information and tips we can garner from all over the Net about Performance Programs in the form of monthly updates.

  • the opportunity to share and learn from the best of the Domain Plates Partners through our free Domain Plates Performance Group monthly newsletter.

  • the opportunity will be limited to demonstrated Super Performance Partners who can show how they will consistently be able to market and sell a minimum of 10 or more signs a month. Are you that Super Performer? If so, sign up today!

    The Affiliate Program is free to join and can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for you without any cost or obligation on your part.

So Don't Delay.
Generous Commissions
are Waiting For You!

After your application has been approved:

  • we handle credit card processing for you - you don't need your own merchant account.

  • we immediately e-mail you your log in information so you can pick up your DomainPlates graphics that you can place on a high traffic page of your web site. Just copy and paste your uniqe link address into one of our graphics and place it on your site. Copy and paste one of the text ads for DomainPlates, along with your linked address into your opt-in ezine template.

  • we handle all customer service, help and order questions about DomainPlates from your customers, either through our 800# or with email.

  • we process, ship and track all orders and send you an immediate order confirmation for all orders that come from your DomainPlates links.

  • we pay commissions on the 2nd Tuesday of each month via your free PayPal account for all commissions earned for the previous month.

  • we supply you with tested and proven marketing materials to help you make more money from this program. These materials are updated on a regular schedule and you can use them on your web site, in your ezine, in your site auto responders or in you own order confirmation emails that you send to customers when they purchase any of your own products or services.

  • your customers get a classy, inexpensive marketing solution that will help their business be seen all over town for years to come - all at a low, one time price ... and they'll thank you for it!
Please review our Performance Partners Agreement and then continue on to the . Once your application has been approved you will be notified by email. Once you put our graphic on your own web site you'll be ready and open for business.

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