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In January of this year I was diagnosed with Stage Three Ovarian Cancer. They operated immediately and took out everything that wasn't zippered in. I hadn't been feeling all that well for some time and I thought I had I.B.S. - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - and that's what the 3 different doctors that I went to thought, too!

The symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are soooo general and just plain common that I need your help in getting the word out. I want women all over to take note and become much more pro active with their doctors and the medical community, at large. Hopefully, our combined efforts will make a difference and help save lives as today's statistics show that 1 in 57 women will get Ovarian Cancer.

Please copy and paste the teal ribbon symbol and the symptoms listed within the code below and what to do if you have them onto a well visited page on your web site. Link the ribbon symbol to so people can easily get more information. You could even make a copy and post it on the bulletin board in your break room at work or put it in your employee mailboxes. Once you have copied and pasted the following onto a well trafficked page on your site, e mail me the link for that page on your site and I'll e mail you the link to the Special Thanks For Helping Me Spread The Word 10% off your signs order page. A simple strategy yet, hopefully, very effective.



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