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Unbelievably, we have arrived at a time in the history of our planet when every pregnant woman in the world, with total disregard of race, gender or economic status, has hormone-disrupting chemicals in her body. These chemicals can be transferred to the baby before birth or they can enter from breast-feeding. A woman's entire lifetime of toxic exposure can be passed along to her fetus during pregnancy.

A study that measured amniotic fluid from routine amniocentesis procedures found that 30 percent of women had detectable levels of PCBs, DDT and lindane. It also found detectable levels of estrogenic compounds such as xeno-estrogens from food. The degree of concentration of in utero exposure is sufficient cause for great concern.

Even one of our simplest pleasures (and necessities) taking our daily shower may pose serious health risks. A report by the Environmental Working Group and the US Public Interest Research Group warned that pregnant women should avoid tap water and should even take shorter showers or baths to minimize exposure to chlorinating by-products (CBPs), which places them at increased risk of miscarriages or having children with birth defects. CBPs can be readily inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Exposure can be reduced significantly by using carbon filters or by switching to non-chlorinated bottled water. Water filters, for the home, are available for both tap water and shower heads.



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